Road-rail vehicles

Overhead line work

Our range of road-rail vehicles for overhead line installation or maintenance spans from 18 to 32 tonnes. We offer diverse superstructures and equipment options and manufacture each vehicle to meet your specific needs.

In addition to our array of telescopic aerial platforms, we incorporate specialized modules designed exclusively for overhead line inspection, maintenance, and installation. These include wire positioning tools, wire drums, cranes, measuring pantograph, and other essential accessories. Wiring vehicles are even available with all-wheel drive (AWD) to maximize the pulling force when installing new overhead lines.

Most of our lift-equipped vehicles have tilt correction system (TC), securing that the workman basket always stays in level. In rail mode, you can operate all vehicles from both the cabin and the basket.

While our primary focus lies in designing vehicles for railways, we also provide options tailored for tram lines.


LRB18 TC10 1T2 Hybrid

LRB18 TC10 1T2 CC

LRB18 TC10 1T2 CR

LRB18 TC12 2T1

LRB18 TC12 2T1 TS

LRB26 TC10 1T2 SX

LRB26 TC10 1T2 TS

LRB26 TC12 2T1-3

LRB26 TC12 2T1-3 Hybrid