Our network of experts

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Global synergies and local knowledge

All around the world Goldschmidt develops mobility solutions for the future together with its customers. The unique global network of experts gives you access to the international range of products and services of Goldschmidt – at your location, with your local contact person and the power of the whole group.

Goldschmidt combines the expertise of all of it’s companies that you need for the construction, maintenance, inspection and monitoring of your railway network. This unique network of highly qualified experts is the answer to the many varied requirements of rail infrastructure projects. The networked knowledge, global presence, wide range of expertise and vision enables Goldschmidt to plan ahead for you, to adapt solutions to national requirements and provide local support.

Your Partner with Local Expertise

Goldschmidt always offers you a personal, competent contact person in your own country. This contact person enables you to benefit from global synergies, local knowledge and from the fact that Goldschmidt is a global company, holding all the necessary national certifications to comply with all country-specific laws and regulations. Goldschmidt therefore ensures the best, tailor-made solution for your smart and sustainable railway infrastructure.