Original Thermit®

Continuously welded tracks – continuously documented

From the inventor and in unique premium quality

Around the world high-speed trains, freight trains, heavy haul trains, trams and subways glide smoothly over continuously welded tracks. With its Original Thermit® portfolio, Goldschmidt enables the excellent connection of almost every type of rail. As the inventor and global market and technology leader in the field of Thermit® welding, Goldschmidt has been setting standards for continuously welded tracks for 125 years.

Efficient and powerful rail infrastructure is an integral part of all sustainable mobility concepts. This requires reliable and durable tracks. The Original Thermit® welding process enables the continuous welding of rails of different profiles and grades. As a global market and technology leader in Thermit® welding, Goldschmidt develops, produces and supplies all associated equipment, machines and materials. In addition to the Original Thermit® portion, the portfolio includes, for example, refractory moulds, crucibles and devices with a digital interface. You also benefit from the on-site services at the track construction site thanks to well-trained and efficient welding teams.

Goldschmidt continuously invests in research and development. In the Technology Innovation Center and the Center of Competence Thermit®, globally networked specialists work on future-oriented solutions, tailored to local requirements.


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Setting benchmarks for 125 years

With more than 90 million Original Thermit® portions, Goldschmidt has established itself as global market leader.

The continuously welded track is the key to efficient railbound mobility and the guarantor for sustainable, safe and comfortable rail transport. In 1895 Hans Goldschmidt succeeded in making the reduction of metal oxides with aluminum powder technically usable. A technical revolution that soon found its way into the rail industry as welding technology and is the basis for safe, comfortable and efficient rail-based mobility. Then as now, the following applies: no traffic route moves people and goods more reliably, comfortably, economically and ecologically than by rail.


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Thermit® welding is and remains the most flexible, most reliable and most economical welding process for continuously welded rails and contributes significantly to a longer track life and greater safety in rail traffic. Therefore, the process is also predestined for high-speed and heavy-load routes.

Benefits of the ORIGINAL THERMIT® welding process


Little equipment required for many welding tasks on the track construction site


Short breaks during rail operations and maximum availability of the routes


Efficiency through high output as well as low investment and maintenance costs


High process reliability with increasing demands on the track

© Rasmus Kaessmann

© Rasmus Kaessmann

© Rasmus Kaessmann

© Rasmus Kaessmann

© Rasmus Kaessmann


With everything that is possible from afar today: Nothing replaces the competent and personal service on site. As a global company, Goldschmidt offers you close and trusting cooperation – no matter where you are.

Goldschmidt’s technical service offers you training in all Thermit® welding processes on our own training grounds and at customer locations worldwide. In addition to basic training as a Thermit® welder, we also offer routine examinations, advanced training and training for welding supervision personell. Goldschmidt works closely together with recognized training partners around the world to maintain a consistently high quality. This enables the efficient training of numerous technical personnel worldwide from China and Europe to South America to become professional welders for the Original Thermit® process.


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