Smartweld Spark

Secure and precise ignition of Original Thermit® portions

The innovative Smartweld Spark ensures reliable and precise initial ignition of Original Thermit® portions and is therefore an alternative to igniters which are considered to be hazardous substance.


Smartweld Spark significantly increases operational safety through the use of acoustic and visual signals to indicate a successful ignition without the need for hot burning igniters. This robust and long-lasting product increases competitiveness due to the use of cost-efficient consumables. A special, high performance rechargeable battery provides reliable ignition for at least 20 ignition operations which ensures its suitability for use in the field.




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© Agentur Format78 GmbH


  • Total elimination of as hazardous goods declared igniters for import and transportation
  • Significant increase of work safety due to omission of hot and open burning igniters
  • Service life of one charged battery for at least 20 ignition processes, which means more than one shift before recharging
  • Cost saving consumables
  • Useable for all types of crucibles

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