Smartweld Spark

Safe ignition of Original Thermit®-portions

The Smartweld Spark provides safe, glare-free initial ignition of Thermit® portions and is an alternative to typical igniters.



The specially developed battery allows for maximum practicality, so reliability is ensured for at least 20 ignitions. Therefore, a battery change is not required during a standard shift.




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© Agentur Format78 GmbH


  • Can be used with all crucible types
  • Initial ignition via electrodes
  • No tariff restrictions on imports, easy storage
  • Acoustic and visual alerts improve workplace safety
  • Shock-proof and impact-resistant housing protects against damage
  • Welder is not blinded when in the dark
  • Powerful battery that lasts for at least 20 ignitions
  • Battery level indicator
  • Integrated LED lights for illumination of the work space


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