Grinding of tracks and switches

For high quality railways

Use our professional grinding services to maintain your tracks and switches to benefit from considerably reduced rail life cycle costs and lower noise emissions from train operations.


Using manual and semi-automatic grinding, reprofiling and deburring machines as well as road-rail grinding vehicles, Goldschmidt maintains the quality of your railway tracks – quickly, efficiently and with precision. Our highly trained grinding teams act flexibly and adeptly, and, thanks to our extensive fleet of vehicles, we can process your orders quickly and effciently.

Our range of services

  • Grinding of new rails for the removal of mill scale or damage from construction work
  • Removal of corrugations
  • Deburring
  • Re-profiling
  • Removal of rail defects such as head checks, squats and wheel burns
  • Acoustic grinding for considerably quieter train operations
  • Switch grinding

Road-rail grinding vehicle

© Tom Schulze

Profile grinder GP 3600

© Tom Schulze

Manual grinding

© Manuel Schroeder


  • Improved wheel / rail contact for lower wear
  • Lower noise emissions
  • Preventative rail maintenance
  • Flexible use of different grinding processes and devices
  • High availability through excellent availability of grinding devices and grinding vehicles
  • Rail gauge variable depending on device
  • Longer rail service life
  • Lower maintenance costs


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