Profile Grinder GP 3600 P4

Ergonomic and precise

After welding, achieve standard-compliant welding results when recreating profile-precision rail heads and rail joints on flat-bottom and grooved rails.


The GP 3600 P4 profile grinder impresses with an ergonomic construction and short setup times, whilst offering high metal removal rate.


© Andre Staub

© Andre Staub

© Andre Staub

© Christoph Busse


  • Ergonomic thanks to height-adjustable operating handle
  • Lightweight construction allows a machine weight of only 50 kg
  • Short setup times due to tool-free grinding stone replacement and a guide system for flat-bottom rails and grooved rails
  • Foot-pedal actuated tilt mechanism for switching function when grinding the running edge
  • Side stand for secure positioning of the machine
  • Good visibility over the grinding area with the best possible protection of the operator and surroundings from sparks
  • Grinding area visible even in low light conditions thanks to LED working light


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