Road-rail vehicles

Unbeatable mobility on road and rail

Modern railway networks have to ensure good long-term condition of the track and continuous availability. This is the only way to fully exploit the potential of rail as an alternative form of transportation for people and goods. Goldschmidt offers tailor-made solutions to maintain railway infrastructure with our innovative road-rail vehicles that meet the highest technological standards, combined with an economic and ecological efficiency on both roads and rail.

Our main objective has always been to keep your railway infrastructure up and running and reduce downtime and keep outage costs to a minimum. Goldschmidt‘s road-rail vehicles will help you to perform any kind of maintenance and inspection work on the track much faster, improving your rail availability.

Goldschmidt‘s road-rail vehicles are fit to drive at normal speed on both roads and rail. Being able to move them much faster between your work sites will keep you ahead, compared to any other conventional system. Our road-rail vehicles help you to significantly reduce effective working time on track and to lower maintenance costs.


  • Road-rail system equipped with a hydrostatic drive
  • Rapid transportation to and from the work site
  • Speed of up to 60 km/h on tracks (forward & reverse) and up to 90 km/h on the road
  • The rail system requires only 3 to 5 m of a level crossing to transfer from the road to the rail
  • Fast and safe driving on and off the track in less than 2 minutes
  • No risk of derailment at crossing points, wing rails and level crossings
  • No special speed restriction requirements for curves, switches and at level crossings
  • Remote control of the vehicle
  • All vehicles are custom made to meet customer needs and specifications
  • All vehicles comply with EN 15746/RIS1530

Our portfolio



LRB18 TC 10-1T2 Hybrid

LRB18 TC 12-2T1

LRB26 TC 10-1T2 TS



RB32 M

LRB18 TC 10-1T2 CC

LRB18 TC 10-1T2 CR

LRB18 TC 12-2T1 TS

LRB26 TC 10-1T2 SX

LRB26 TC 12-2T1-3

LRB26 TC 12-2T1-3 Hybrid