Road-rail vehicles

Unbeatable mobility on the tracks

Depending on the respective application, Goldschmidt offers road-rail vehicles up to a weight of 32 tons, e.g. overhead line installation vehicles, inspection and track cleaning vehicles for public transport companies, measurement and welding vehicles, and also heavy recovery vehicles and bridge inspection vehicles for main lines.

Our road-rail vehicles can be used both on rail and on the road and are custom made to meet your needs and requirements thanks to different attachments and superstructures.


  • Patented road-rail system equipped with a hydrostatic drive
  • Rapid transport to and from the work site
  • Speed up to 100 km/h on tracks (forward & reverse) and up to 90 km/h on the road
  • The rail system requires only 3 to 5 m of a level crossing to transfer from the road to the track
  • Fast and safe driving on and off the track in less than 2 minutes
  • No risk of derailment at crossing points, wing rails and level crossings
  • No special speed restriction requirements for curves, switches and at level crossings
  • Remote control of the vehicle
  • All vehicles are custom made to meet customer needs and specifications
  • All vehicles comply with EN 15746/RIS1530
Standard road-rail vehicles ©

Standard road-rail vehicles are available for the installation, inspection and maintenance of overhead lines, inspection of bridges & tunnels and welding as well as cranes & rescue applications.


We can offer special road-rail vehicles in modular construction, with heavy cranes and trolleys. We also offer road vehicles for different applications.

Special vehicles