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Goldschmidt offers a comprehensive range of inspection products to identify and assess rail defects, track geometry, rail profiles as well as wheel profiles. The cutting-edge technologies provide precise measurement and testing results in a standard format. Whether as a hand-held inspection device or integrated into trolleys, carts, road-rail vehicles or inspection trains – Goldschmidt enables the safety of your tracks.

Higher speeds, greater loads and increasing demands in terms of driving comfort – the requirements on modern track construction and a sustainable rail infrastructure are diverse. Our measuring and testing solutions guarantee a high level of safety and reliability.

A detailed diagnosis of the track condition is the basis for predictive maintenance, which guarantees the long-term economy and reliability of the track infrastructure and all rail vehicles. Measuring and testing technology from Goldschmidt enables you to carry out such detailed evaluation. In addition, we have exactly the right measuring and testing device for every application, which enables the testing of individual rails or the entire track and a precise error analysis.

Goldschmidt offers you measuring and testing solutions as well as documentation for the geometry and defect analysis of the rail infrastructure. This enables you to identify deviations and take preventive maintenance measures to prolong the lifecycle of rails, switches and wheels. In the long term, this ensures an optimal condition, lower maintenance costs, higher safety and punctuality.

Inspection systems for Inspection Trains

Inspection systems for Milling and Grinding Trains

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Detect and evaluate – Geometry and defect analysis

There are numerous types of geometry and rail defects with a need to detect, monitor and evaluate them as early as possible. With its digital and smart solutions, application-specific devices and services, Goldschmidt is well positioned for managing diverse railway track conditions. These solutions enable the precise documentation of signs of wear and defects while taking into consideration the measures necessary for defect removal.

The digital tools, measurement systems, software solutions, cloud databases, services and interfaces within Dari® enable railway infrastructure operators to manage their tracks in a smarter, more effective and sustainable way. Experience new dimensions in track operations. With Dari® by Goldschmidt.

The right solution for every request

The Goldschmidt product range includes measuring and testing devices for each application area. Whether as a hand-held device or integrated in trolleys, track carts, road-rail vehicles or inspection trains, state-of-the-art technologies provide precise measuring and testing results in a uniform format, making safety and quality tangible.

This basis allows you to develop maintenance strategies and use suitable Goldschmidt products and services to derive specific measures. The combination of our modular technologies enables us to flexibly equip platforms and therefore to offer application-specific solutions for many different requirements.

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