Trackgauge Solar

Digital measurement of track gauge and elevation of tracks and switches

The Trackgauge Solar measures track and switch geometry. The device provides the simplest measurement method and the result is obtainable a few seconds after the measurement. Values of all parameters are presented in digital form on a large and legible display.

The device is light, fast and accurate. The easy handling makes a detailed training redundant. The device features an additional temperature compensation system. The built-in memory allows the recording of measurements and transferring the data to a PC via an USB pendrive. The gauge is equipped with a solar battery that ensures continuous operation and a backlit display is legible even in direct sunlight.


  • User-friendly one-man operation and transport
  • Reliable measurement data acquisition and transmission of up to 8,000 measurement files, which can be saved directly on the device
  • Long operating time using a solar battery, which enables 24-hour continuous operation
  • Flexible measuring device that even enables turnouts to be measured with one positioning

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