Trackgauge Digital

Digital measurement of the track gauge and elevation of tracks and switches

The Trackgauge Digital is a portable measuring device which evaluates the track and switch geometry.

The device is lightweight, reliable, easy-to-use, and measures very accurately the track gauge, the cant and horizontal and vertical irregularities, and also the left and right flangeways in switches, as well as check gauge values. It is operated by an application on the Android smartphone.The measurement data is displayed immediately, additional information on the infrastructure, including the results of the visual inspection, is recorded in a digital format. The measurement reports are created on the smartphone by the Goldschmidt Digital App. The measurement data is uploaded directly to our database solution DariĀ® so the data can be analyzed and accessed globally.


  • User-friendly operation and measurement reports available immediately in PDF format
  • Reliable measurement data acquisition and transfer
  • Qualitative assessment of switch conditions is available in addition to the measurement results
  • Reduced transportation and logistical workload and user-friendly operation
  • Reliable measurement data regardless of the actual ambient temperature
  • Available for all track gauges

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