Crucible systems

Suitable for all Original Thermit® welding processes

As an end-to-end supplier for the aluminothermic welding we develop, produce and supply crucible systems that are needed for the Original Thermit® welding processes.

Single use crucible for Original Thermit® welds

The single use crucible I offers a ready-to-use complete crucible system, for which you do not need any additional accessories. The single use crucible I houses the refractory crucible lining in a sheet metal sleeve with carrying handle. There is no other secondary packaging. In addition, the crucible can be charged with the corresponding Original Thermit® portion during production. A tightly closing lid keeps out moisture before use. After welding is completed, the crucible can be used to dispose of welding residues. No preparations, such as pre-drying of the crucible are necessary, so potential sources of errors are reduced. Due to the low weight and the simple and easy handling, workflows are optimized.


  • Optimization of work processes due to the lower weight and easier handling compared to the long-term crucible
  • Suitable for all rail profiles and grades
  • After welding, the crucible can be used to dispose of the welding residues
  • Reduction of the risk of welding defects since, in comparison to the long-term crucible, no prior drying and preparation of the crucible is necessary

Long-life crucible for Original Thermit® welds

The long-life crucible system is suitable for most welding processes, portion sizes and common rail profiles. Since the cost factor is always important, efficiency is increasingly in demand. For this reason, high economic efficiency was the central aspect when developing the long-life crucible. This type of crucible is available for standard gaps as well as for wide gaps and can be used several times. All components of the long-life crucible system can be ordered separately. Also in terms of low-cost disposal, the long-life crucible is a real alternative.


  • Proven crucible system for many years
  • Universally applicable, all portion sizes can be welded
  • All components of the long-term crucible system can be ordered separately
  • Highly economical and environmentally friendly thanks to multiple use
  • Increased service life since the crucible only needs to be cleaned after an average of 15 casts
  • Depending on the portion sizes and welding processes used, up to 25 castings can be made with a crucible chuck before it has to be replaced
  • Suitable for almost all welding processes because the use of the crucible chuck is independent of the portion
  • Wide gaps (L50, L75) can be welded as a higher crucible extension ring is available to increase the crucible volume
  • Tapping thimble opens automatically for safe welding execution

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