Smartweld Jet

Perfection of the preheating process for Original Thermit® welding

Preheat the Original Thermit® weld perfectly, work more economically and reproducibly: With the propane-air burner Smartweld Jet you automate, document and optimize the Original Thermit® weld.


Due to the avoidance of execution errors, less effort and the documentation produced on site by means of the Goldschmidt Digital App, the economic efficiency of your welding activities increases. The data is uploaded directly to our database solution Dari® so that data can be analyzed and accessed globally. Smartweld Jet ensures safe and reproducible execution of the preheating process – guaranteeing high weld quality.


  • Reduced transportation and logistics workload through elimination of the oxygen bottles
  • Simplified handling, thus increased occupational safety
  • Relief of the welders due to discontinuation of the setting and monitoring tasks
  • Efficient quality control and documentation of construction and maintenance measures
  • Complete evaluation of Original Thermit® welding
  • Thermal protection of the casting mould

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