Hydraulic weld trimmers U-series

Fast and reliable hot working

Hydraulic weld trimmers are used for removing the excess weld metal after performing the Original Thermit® weld. Goldschmidt offers you the technically best, fastest and most accident-proof type of hot working. The energy expended for the subsequent grinding operations is minimized.

All weld trimmers of the U-series are manufactured as ultra-light construction. Weight reduction is achieved by the use of special high-strength materials. From an ergonomic perspective, this relieves a considerable amount of the load on your welding teams.

Combination of trimming and power unit

In accordance with the module principle, you can choose for each Original Thermit® welding process the most suitable combination of trimming unit and drive unit. A couple of versions are available for you to choose the trimming unit for the corresponding Original Thermit® welding process.

They vary in:

  • form of shearing blade
  • weight and dimensions
  • down holder system

The power units differ in the type of drive of the hydraulic pump.

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  • Best ergonomics due to the special high-strength material used for the product design which reduces the weight of the products
  • Suitable for weld trimming even in great heights
  • Machining of all rail profiles (flat-bottom, grooved and crane rails)
  • Interchangeable and extremely resistant shear shoes, which allow up to 1,000 shearing processes with one set

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