Insulated Rail Joint ETW 1

Factory assembled for maximum reliability

The Glued Insulated Rail Joint (IRJ) ETW 1 guarantees electrical separation of a rail section for signal and safety purposes in track.

The ETW 1 is a highly resistant joint assembled under factory conditions using high-tech insulation material and fastening components. Thanks to excellent quality the ETW 1 is successfully installed worldwide in heavy haul tracks, in high traffic areas and in different climate conditions for more than 20 years. It is available for most commonly used rail profiles.


  • Fishplates available in 4- or 6- hole variations
  • The design can be adapted to specific customer requirements (length, hole sizes, dimensions, angled cuts, reinforced end-posts etc.)
  • Excellent tensile strength, static and dynamic (fatigue) testing results
  • Glued IRJ suitable for use with various fastening systems
  • Fishplates designed to accommodate different rail profiles (flat bottom and grooved rails)
  • Head-hardened and coated Glued IRJs for longer lifespan and corrosion resistance
  • Long-term experience with Glued IRJ production, technical and after sales support


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