Customer information about COVID-19

Your Goldschmidt team is still available to you.

Beginning of March, we presented our new brand Goldschmidt and promised to you: “Together with you, Goldschmidt masters all challenges of modern rail-bound mobility – for safe, high-quality, sustainable, and durable transport routes”. In drafting this text, we did not anticipate the challenges posed by the rapid spread of the Covid 19 virus.

Today we are convinced that in these turbulent times our statement “Together with you” is more valid than ever.

At Goldschmidt, our primary concern is the safety and health of our employees, customers, and business partners, while at the same time we stand by our responsibility to our customers, many of whom are considered essential service providers in these critical times.

With these values as our motivation, we have taken several steps. This has required extensive changes in operational procedures, not only to maintain production in our factories, but also to ensure that the supply chain for our products and services continues to function and is not interrupted. As a result, you may not experience “business as usual”. We continue to work to keep the business running, albeit often from home and not from our normal workplace.

Internal measures include home office, shift work (group isolated), close coordination with suppliers, video conferencing and suspension of all non-essential travel, to name just a few. This, together with the recommended minimisation of social contact, hand washing and other hygiene measures, gives us hope that we can return to “normal” work not too far away.

Many of you experience yourself that this process is not easy and in certain cases local requirements prevent even the hardest efforts to keep the business running.

Wherever possible, our production facilities are in operation and deliveries are being sent to our customers. Our teams are available by phone and e-mail. Please contact them for assistance. We will get through this together. An essential supplier to an essential industry. We are Goldschmidt.

Stay healthy!

Your Goldschmidt Team