Railshape Pro

Reprofiling and deburring for rails and switches

The Railshape Pro ensures a high removal rate per shift, precise grinding results and is suitable for use with all rail profiles.

The grinding machine enables the grinding of the running surface of rails, corrugation grinding and particularly the cost-effective maintenance of bottlenecks such as switches in railway stations, where large-scale grinding vehicles cannot be used. The machine offers the best power / weight ratio on the market and allows in combination with the Railshape Eco and advanced metrology an innovative and highly efficient grinding solution whereby the complete rail or switch can be repaired.



  • Powerful petrol engine with a power of 42 kW guarantees high removal rate per shift and thereof high efficiency
  • Very exact grinding results due to adjustment of the angle of inclination of the grindstones which are displayed digitally on the remote control
  • Remote control for the complete operational control (traktion drive and adjustment of the grindstones) of the machine
  • Suitable for all rail profiles
  • High flexibility on the construction site as well as mobility by road and rail (self-propelled using a hydrostatic traction drive)
  • Cost-effective maintenance of bottlenecks such as switches in railway stations

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