125 years Original Thermit®

On March 13, 1895, Prof. Hans Goldschmidt received the Imperial Patent No. 96317. This patent is the basis for the Original Thermit® welding process, still used worldwide. Railway projects worldwide rely on welds and innovations around Thermit®. In addition to welding rails, the Thermit® process opens up a multitude of possible uses.


Setting benchmarks for 125 years

With more than 90 million Original Thermit® portions, Goldschmidt has established itself as global market leader.

The continuously welded track is the key to efficient railbound mobility and the guarantor for sustainable, safe and comfortable rail transport. In 1895 Hans Goldschmidt succeeded in making the reduction of metal oxides with aluminum powder technically usable. A technical revolution that soon found its way into the rail industry as welding technology and is the basis for safe, comfortable and efficient rail-based mobility. Then as now, the following applies: no traffic route moves people and goods more reliably, comfortably, economically and ecologically than by rail.

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