Future-oriented management system for the highest demands

Maintaining high standards and constantly meeting our customers’ expectations are important prerequisites for Goldschmidt’s success. Flexibility, occupational safety, environment, quality and compliance are the focus of our daily actions. Our management systems with clearly defined structures, processes, procedures and instructions help us to meet the requirements of our interested parties.

The certification of the quality management system of all locations worldwide according to ISO 9001 is binding for us. Our European production and service locations also have a certified environmental management system according to EN ISO 14001. Our group includes a testing laboratory accredited according to ISO 17025. Furthermore, our companies are committed to other standards and projects such as AAR M-1003 or DIN EN 15085.

Our products are manufactured in accordance with applicable standards and guidelines and approved according to national railway standards and international norms. Thanks to our worldwide presence and local knowledge, our services are also carried out in accordance with national requirements.