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Innovations under the royal flag

Thermit Welding is continuously connected to the history of British rail transport. With the huge success of the railways and the rapidly growing rail network, the requirements for safety, economy and predictive maintenance also grew.

Thermit Welding, founded in 1904, has more than 100 years of tradition in developing individual and innovative solutions for its partners: From continuously welded tracks using Original ThermitĀ® welding processes to smart and predictive maintenance solutions for the entire rail infrastructure.

With the unique Original ThermitĀ®, Thermit Welding has been setting the standard for rail connections in the United Kingdom and beyond for many decades. Processes, methods and materials are continuously developed and optimized in their own technology and laboratory center in order to always offer cost-effective solutions that are up to date. In long, trusting cooperation with network owners and operators as well as construction companies, many common future-oriented solutions have emerged – always with the aim of increasing the efficiency and safety of rail networks and extending the service life of track systems.

With this innovative strength and the knowledge of the challenges of its customers, Thermit Welding has continuously expanded its range of products and services and has long been a leader in measurement systems, ballast stabilization, rail joining and optimized grinding, repair and validation systems. Here, the focus has shifted to the earliest possible damage detection, the most precise analysis of the cause of the damage and predictive maintenance. Thermit Welding uses the latest laser technology and a bundle of self-developed, completely new digital tools. As a forward-thinking expert in the global Goldschmidt network, Thermit Welding offers its customers, in addition to its own core competencies, direct access to even more exclusive products and services as well as international know-how made by Goldschmidt.

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Trust connects

Based in Great Britain, Thermit Welding has been an innovation partner of the British rail transport industry for over 100 years and makes its contribution to the expansion and maintenance of the entire rail network.

Thermit Welding develops innovative solutions for new challenges and offers its partners products and services that bring real added value to the railways and are indispensable for the safe and economical operation of networks.

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