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Know-how and competence for the Italian railway network

Italy has achieved what other countries have planned but not yet implemented. As rail transport increases significantly, the country is demonstrating how sustainable mobility can work. Thanks to the relaxing of competition rules in Italy allowing private companies to enter the market with state railway companies and the new law to unblock infrastructure projects, the course has been set to make rail travel more attractive.

Modern, economical rail transport is based on reliable and safe connections, something which starts with the track. Thermit Italiana is the market and technology leader for Original Thermit® rail joining and has been setting standards for continuously welded tracks in Italy since 1945 enabling it to create fast and long‑lasting transport routes. Using this stable and resilient technology in combination with numerous other highly specialized products and services including welding and grinding solutions, measuring and testing solutions, road‑rail vehicles, switch heaters, magnetic track barriers, fiberglass solutions such as safety stairs, rail crossings,  and handrails for tunnels as well as rail diagnosis systems, Thermit Italiana from Milan has been committed for decades to the modernization and maintenance of the Italian rail network. Today, the company plays a leading role in the ambitious expansion of the Italian rail network which is currently progressing with a large investment program.

The excellent customer service of Thermit Italiana impresses with unbeatable advisory skills and the aspiration to have a partnership of equals. Working together with the national network operators and railway companies, the company develops precise, customized solutions for more safety, economy and durability of the rail infrastructure. Thermit Italiana has well‑trained specialist staff and has all the necessary certifications, e.g. Original Thermit® welding according to EN 14730.2, electric welding of rails and switches according to EN 9606-1, UT weld inspection according to EN 9712 and RFI DPR MO SE 01 1 0 as well as eddy current testing according to EN 16729-1. The company also conducts intensive training for Original Thermit® welding processes, approved by the Italian Railway Authority (RFI).

As part of the unique global network of experts, all customers of Thermit Italiana have access to a complete range of products and services for the track as well as the bundled expertise of the Goldschmidt Group, all proven internationally and tailored to the region.

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Continuously welded tracks that withstand a lot

Thermit Italiana scores throughout Italy with customized solutions for modernization and predictive maintenance of track systems.

Thermit Italiana is a committed partner and driver of innovation for continuously welded tracks and other track-related solutions. The company, which has its roots in Italy since 1945, makes the world’s leading technologies and the entire range of products and services of the global Goldschmidt Group accessible to its Italian partners and uses them to implement national, customized solutions. Almost the entire range of the highly developed quality products and services from the inventor and world market leader of the Original Thermit® welding process can be exploited including welding, grinding, measuring and testing, research and development, production, implementation of solutions, consulting and training.


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