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Gigantic new rail projects are currently being developed in South America. In particular, the “Bioceanico” line will run 3,750 kilometers from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Thermit do Brasil as an expert for Original Thermit® is always at the forefront as a traditional and reliable partner, consultant, supplier and service provider.

South America’s most spectacular rail routes run to altitudes of over 4,400 meters and offer travelers unforgettable landscape experiences along coasts and through rainforests. Engineers, planners and construction companies face the greatest challenges by the topography found in South America. And Thermit do Brasil, which has supplied the entire continent with Original Thermit® consumables and equipment for all rail profiles and grades for many decades, also has to meet the very high requirements.

High quality products and services and quality control is a trademark of the company and plays a key role in ensuring that the rail systems in South and Central America offer durability, safety and economy and can be effectively maintained. Thermit® welding is and remains the most flexible, reliable and economical welding process for continuously welded tracks. This also applies to high-speed and heavy haul routes and the very special mechanical and climatic loads in countries such as Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Chile and Argentina.

Thermit do Brasil, founded in Rio de Janeiro in 1951, is the only manufacturer of Original Thermit® on the continent of South America, is a leader in the assembly of insulated rail joints, and is a much sought-after partner in the training and education of welders.

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Committed to quality and safety

The strict quality control of products and services is always a top priority.

In South America unique rail routes have been built as a result of bold plans and outstanding engineering achievements. Thermit do Brasil has been an essential co-designer and reliable partner in numerous track-related projects since the middle of the last century. With the Original Thermit® welding process and consumables and equipment for all rail profiles and grades, Thermit do Brasil makes its contribution to the efficiency, maintainability, safety and travel comfort of the rail infrastructure in South America.

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