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Smart inspection for more safety

A detailed inspection of the track condition is essential to enable predictive maintenance to assure the long-term efficiency and reliability of your railway network and rolling stock. PLR Prüftechnik Linke & Rühe from Magdeburg is the technology leader for eddy current and ultrasonic testing technology.

Since its foundation in 1990 in Magdeburg, the PLR specialists have been working continuously on new products in the field of non-destructive material testing. This enables network operators and transport companies to check installed rails during operation and immediately receive exact test results which can be used digitally. The eddy current and ultrasonic testing systems for determining rail defects are integrated in train-bound systems, road-rail vehicles, and trolleys.

PLR produces automated rail testing systems for customers all over the world including specific software for analysis and evaluation. The driving force behind all of these innovations is an understanding of customer requirements in the field. Test equipment and sensors are developed according to customer-specific requirements. Automated PLR test technology can be ideally used during operation – even at speeds up to 80 km/h.

PLR offers a unique range of sophisticated methods, devices and services for surface and volume testing on installed rails. This includes device checks independent of the manufacturer for the entire spectrum of eddy current and ultrasonic testing devices as well as mobile and stationary magnetization devices. In the area of inspection services, the quality of products of the metal producing and processing industry are examined using classic non-destructive methods. Our test engineers support you with their specialist knowledge in the development of customized test concepts and standards and supervise tests and prepare audits in the area of non-destructive testing.

In addition, PLR offers its expertise as a competent instructor for specialists in non‑destructive material testing at the internationally renowned training center in Magdeburg in cooperation with the German Society for Non-destructive Testing (DGZfP).

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Benchmark for intelligent testing solutions

Higher speeds, more intensive loads and increasing demands on travel comfort – the requirements for modern track construction and a sustainable railway infrastructure are diverse. Our measuring and testing solutions ensure the highest degree of safety and reliability.

Internationally, PLR sets the technological standards for non-destructive material testing on installed rails, especially with the application of eddy current and ultrasonic testing technology. In the global Goldschmidt network, PLR in Magdeburg is the specialist for non‑destructive material testing and inspection solutions and therefore provides another essential component for the holistic support of railway companies all over the world.

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© Christoph Busse

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