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Freight traffic, with its well-known high tonnage loads, leads the North American rail network and routinely challenges its infrastructure. Original Thermit® welding has become the standard for establishing continuous welded rail for safer operations of all rolling stock. Orgo-Thermit is the only national specialist to offer the tools, machines, equipment and consumable materials as well as the necessary expertise for Thermit® welding all while being proudly “Made in the USA”.

Based in Manchester, New Jersey, Orgo-Thermit was founded in 1984, but has roots that go back to 1967 in Chicago as Orgotherm Inc. With Original Thermit® welding as its core competency, Orgo-Thermit also specializes in welding equipment, measuring and testing solutions as well as grinding solutions.

Orgo-Thermit is a rail solutions provider assisting hundreds of clients in North America and by bundling their support offering, the Orgo-Thermit “Technical Services Division” is unrivaled. The company carries out research at the highest level for continuous development of its products and processes. Safety is the primary goal in the constant pursuit of innovation. This is exemplified by the patented, degradable crucible ignition system, which eliminates hazardous materials and increases the safety for all welders before, during, and after ignition.

The range of products and services Orgo-Thermit has available far exceeds Original Thermit® welding applications. The new offerings encompass products and services for maintenance and repair of rail infrastructure, such as measuring and testing solutions, tools & machines, equipment and analysis and consulting services. Orgo-Thermit also provides a world-class training and re-certification program for the installation of all Original Thermit® products. These training sessions can take place all over North America and are instructed by Orgo-Thermit personnel with over a hundred years of combined experience.


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Developing best practices

Orgo-Thermit focuses on continuously improving and expanding products and services in order to meet the specific requirements of clients and to offer custom-made solutions for rail projects.

Orgo-Thermit is the only fully compliant manufacturer of Original Thermit® materials to offer the “Buy America” certification. The Buy America program originated in the Buy American Act of 1933. Originally, state-owned companies preferred to source domestically manufactured products in order to strengthen the national economy. Orgo-Thermit, Inc. is a leading global manufacturer of Original Thermit® welding processes, welding kits and accessories.

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