Continuous presence in the largest country of the world

GT-ATS is the largest provider of innovative rail joining based on the Original Thermit® process for the Russian railways. The know-how of GT-ATS complements Goldschmidt’s global expertise and has grown to become an innovative partner for infrastructure operators in the Russian Federation.

Russia is the world leader in rail freight transport. Around 87 percent of all freight transportation in the country is handled by rail. However, the huge rail network is also characterized by an enormous need for renewal and maintenance. Every modernization or maintenance project is an individual case with very special challenges. The GT-ATS team is able to exploit this situation and develop customized solutions for the requirements of each railway project.

In addition to the core area of Original Thermit®, the global Goldschmidt network of experts supports its Russian colleagues in the development and implementation of comprehensive customized services for the track. One of the most important tasks of GT-ATS, founded in St. Petersburg in 2010, is to participate flexibly and economically in the continuously welded track network. Original Thermit® welding solutions are a leading global technology for this. GT-ATS supplies devices and accessories, equipment and consumables for this aluminothermic welding process. The range of products and services is supplemented by comprehensive training courses for welders, the execution of arc welding, and ultrasonic testing. In just ten years, GT-ATS has developed into the largest welding company in the Russian Federation and the CIS countries.

But GT-ATS offers much more and provides its most important customer, the Russian state railway RZD, with increasingly more sophisticated and perfectly coordinated products and services for intelligent predictive maintenance and repair of rail infrastructure, such as grinding solutions, measuring and testing solutions, switch heating systems and ballast stabilization. In addition, customers can enter the digital future with Goldschmidt and use Dari®, the pioneering database solution.

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Comprehensive solutions for your track

GT-ATS, the largest company for rail joining using the Original Thermit® welding process in the Russian Federation and CIS countries, is making rail networks fit for the future.

Higher passenger and freight levels are forcing Russia to improve and expand its rail infrastructure. Modernizing and maintaining tracks in the largest country in the world is a mammoth task that can only be shouldered in trusting cooperation and with practical vision. In just a few years, GT-ATS, based in Saint Petersburg, has managed to grow into a premium partner of the Russian State Railways (RZD). GT-ATS develops and implements comprehensive solutions for your track which are tailored to each project and requirement using experience gained across the country and Original Thermit® welding expertise with the support of the innovative power of the global Goldschmidt network of experts.


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