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The efficiency of maintenance measures is determined by the precision and availability of the measurement data on the condition of the rail system. GRAW, founded in 1991 in Gliwice, Poland, is an expert for the measurement of rail and wheel geometry and develops innovative measuring solutions and video surveillance systems.

GRAW develops and manufactures computer‑controlled geometry measuring devices and systems. Sophisticated technologies make it easier to obtain up‑to‑date, precise measurement data for tracks, switches and train wheels. GRAW fulfills growing customer requirements for up‑to‑dateness and availability of measurement data with a high degree of innovation. User‑friendly software solutions transfer the precision of analog GRAW measurement solutions directly into the digital world. In this way, customers can significantly reduce the time from data collection to the analysis and initiation of suitable measures while raising the entire maintenance planning to a new level.

GRAW is a developer of microprocessor-based portable devices, self-propelled trolleys and many other advanced solutions, and real-time tracking systems and stationary wheel geometry control systems. State-of-the-art laser technology and optical systems ensure the highest measurement accuracy with lasting quality and stability.

GRAW is also an expert for innovative software solutions of the highest quality. GRAW diagnostic databases can record the rail infrastructure of an entire country. For the archiving and evaluation of measurement data, GRAW develops highly efficient customized solutions together with its customers.

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Benchmark for intelligent measurement solutions

GRAW is a system provider for the collection and use of precise measurement data in all areas of rail transport.

State-of-the-art optical systems and innovative software solutions allow the status of the entire rail infrastructure to be assessed to enable immediate efficient maintenance to be carried out. In this way, GRAW customers reduce maintenance costs and at the same time benefit from improved safety and economy.

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