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For a long rail service life

Profitability decides! To ensure that infrastructure managers efficiently modernize and maintain their track systems to enable their efficient use, Goldschmidt Thermit Railservice from Essen offers perfectly coordinated services of the highest quality and reliability.

Increasing traveling comfort, reducing costs: Goldschmidt Thermit Railservice based in Essen can achieve this for customers with the highly professional maintenance of railways and high-quality products to reduce life cycle costs. Future-oriented measurement technology is able to identify weak points early on using digital technology. Well-trained and motivated specialists are quickly on site with special mobile devices and machines to carry out rail welding using the Original Thermit® process, perform repairs and clear the route again in the shortest possible time. 90 years of expertise and the supportive technology leadership of the global Goldschmidt Group make Goldschmidt Thermit Railservice your competent partner for everything your railway track requires.

A number of other areas of expertise such as the weld tempering of new rails ex works or customized grinding solutions with manual grinding, re-profiling and deburring machines and road-rail grinding vehicles lead railways into a successful future.

The consideration of economic efficiency from a holistic point of view should also include the aspects of safety and travel comfort. These largely depend on the quality of the rail connections. The Original Thermit® welding process which started the history of the Goldschmidt Group is and remains the most flexible, reliable and economical welding process for continuously welded track. Goldschmidt Thermit Railservice has developed a set of instruments around this core expertise which is unequalled worldwide and covers all maintenance aspects.

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Rails in good hands

Countless tons of pressure, often every few minutes and in all weather. Rails have to withstand a lot.

Goldschmidt Thermit Railservice provides reliable and perfectly coordinated services for a longer service life for your track systems. Goldschmidt Thermit Railservice, based in Essen, is a leading service provider for all matters relating to the maintenance and repair of rail infrastructure. With over 90 years of company tradition, the company has expanded its core expertise of continuously welded tracks with Original Thermit® welding to include devices, equipment, accessories, highly specialized grinding and welding solutions as well as the most modern measuring technologies.

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