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Multiple benefits through road-rail technology

The further development of Road-Rail technology brings a huge leap in efficiency in track construction and the maintenance of rail infrastructure projects. Like many other competencies, the global technology leadership for Road-Rail Vehicles lies in the Goldschmidt network – with Goldschmidt Sweden as your global specialist.

Railway networks are an increasingly valuable asset. Networks that are used for growing freight and passenger traffic and should be closed down as little as possible by various infrastructure maintenance and repair work. This is where Goldschmidt Sweden Road-Rail technology brings the decisive gain in efficiency: Road-Rail Vehicles that can run on roads and rails use the fast road to get to the railroad access point, where their actual job begins. This means they can get to the work site faster and on the rail in no time.

Goldschmidt Sweden, with its current headquarters in Osby, Sweden, was originally founded in the United States in 1887. The company played a key role in the development of Road-Rail Vehicles and is today a global technology leader. The company designs and produces Road-Rail Vehicles with the highest reliability and functionality. Goldschmidt Sweden is the Center of Competence Road-Rail Vehicles within the Goldschmidt Group.

In 1976 the development of the first Road-Rail Vehicle with a swivelling bogie and a hydrostatic propulsion system was completed. In 2010 Goldschmidt Sweden proudly presented the world’s largest self-propelled Road-Rail trailer with a 300 tm heavy duty crane. Before, in between and after, not a year passed without innovations from Goldschmidt Sweden – for example the patented Road-Rail system with hydrostatic drive. Goldschmidt Sweden Road-Rail Vehicles reach speeds of up to 100 km/h in railway mode – forwards and backwards – and can be safely brought in and out of railway mode in less than two minutes. Goldschmidt Sweden jumps from record to record in the tractive and braking forces of its vehicles.

Your specialist for road-rail vehicles

In the global Goldschmidt network of experts, the Goldschmidt Sweden is a specialist for Road-Rail Vehicles and a worldwide technology leader.

Road-Rail Vehicles from Goldschmidt Sweden impress in terms of safety, traction, road to rail transfer speed, braking ability, travelling speed, precise inching and ride comfort. The hi-tech Road-Rail Vehicles are offered as individual solutions – optimised according to customer requirements and local conditions and regulations. Railway infrasturcture managers, maintenance operators and transport companies from all over the world use Goldschmidt Sweden innovations as individual problem solutions to carry out maintenance and repairs more effectively and thus increase the capacity utilisation of their railway infrastructure systems.

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