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Connecting rails and people

Form-Thermit is specialized in the production of insulated rail joints, tools and machines, and welding solutions using the Original Thermit® welding process. The company was founded in 1993 in Brno, Czech Republic, and has over 25 years of experience in the field of Thermit® welding. The insulated rail joints developed in-house which are tailor-made to customer requirements and manufactured to the highest quality, form the core expertise of the company.

Only highly developed, trouble-free and maintenance-friendly signaling technology enables more and more trains to use tracks safely at the same time. For this purpose, Form‑Thermit develops and produces high quality insulated rail joints that withstand high mechanical, dynamic and climatic loads with high electrical resistance values. Insulated rail joints from Form-Thermit made from steel and insulating materials are used worldwide and meet the highest requirements for product quality, reliability and durability.

Form-Thermit shares its expertise with customers and business partners and offers technical support and practical training for the Original Thermit® welding process and the installation of insulated rail joints.

The core expertise of Form-Thermit is complemented by the globally available range of products and services of the Goldschmidt Group. This enables the company to fully meet the requirements of all rail infrastructure projects for customers and business partners.


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A clear signal for a trouble-free journey

Insulated rail joints from Form-Thermit support signal technology all over the world and thus the coordination of rail traffic.

Form-Thermit has been an active and formative contributor to the modernization of the rail network in its domestic Czech market since the great upheavals of the 1990s. In the global Goldschmidt network, Form-Thermit takes on the role of Center of Competence for Insulated Rail Joints. In addition, the company offers tools and machines for track construction and track maintenance with hydraulic drive, electric or diesel engines and welding solutions based on the Original Thermit® welding process.


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