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Elektro-Thermit from Halle (Saale) is a global leading process provider for aluminothermic welding – Thermit® welding – and offers many other products and services for the modernization and maintenance of rail networks.

Elektro-Thermit develops, produces and supplies all components that are required for the Thermit® welding process. The portfolio includes Original Thermit® portions, refractory casting molds, reaction crucibles and a large number of tools and machines for performing and processing the weld as well as for its technical acceptance. Elektro-Thermit also offers solutions for the digital documentation of work processes. Newly developed tools and machines with a digital interface from the Goldschmidt Group complete the portfolio. The implementation of these digital systems enables convenient and reliable direct access to the Dari® database solution. This ensures process reliability and the reproducibility of all required parameters of aluminothermic welding.

With everything that is possible from afar today: Nothing can replace a competent and personal service on site. We support you in solving problems on the track and in introducing new products and processes. In addition, the technical service of Elektro-Thermit offers training courses in all Thermit® welding processes on its own training grounds and with customers worldwide. In addition to the basic training as a Thermit® welder or installation technician for insulated rail joints, this also includes repeat examinations, further training courses and the training of welding coordinators.

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Continuously successfull

Today, up to 1 million Original Thermit® portions leave the factory in Halle (Saale) every year - manufactured according to the strictest quality standards.

Elektro-Thermit was founded in Berlin in 1919. The first milestone was achieved in 1928 with the introduction of the Thermit® process as the standard process at the Deutsche Reichsbahn. Almost all railway companies worldwide soon followed. The success continues unabated to this day – in 2018 the 10 millionth Thermit® portion produced in Halle (Saale) was delivered.

In order to meet the growing demands on the continuously welded track, Goldschmidt continuously develops the Thermit® technology. Your contact for all technical matters relating to Original Thermit® is the Goldschmidt Center of Competence Thermit®, located at Elektro-Thermit in Halle (Saale). In collaboration with the Technology Innovation Center of the Goldschmidt Group in Leipzig, railways and rail manufacturers, new welding processes and Thermit® portions are developed here, for example. The approval of Thermit® welding processes is just as much a part of the tasks as the examination and evaluation of Thermit® welds.

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