Tracksafe Lube

An intelligent lubrication device to reduce rail wear and noise

The Tracksafe Lube product is an intelligent lubrication device to reduce rail wear and noise. An intelligent control unit allows lubrication to take place only when needed and therefore the dosing is very economic. Furthermore, the lubrication device is suitable for all rail profiles and is equipped with a solar module which enables an independent, energy-saving power supply. And the best is: Tracksafe Lube can be used in urban and non-urban areas and is quick and easy to install.

Due to wear over the course of time, the smooth function of a railway network requires regular and professional maintenance. Rail lubrication represents a reliable and economical solution where we provide all technical features and products according to your individual requirements. Our tried-and-tested friction management system Tracksafe Lube offers you a range of benefits: in intensively used sections of track, you can reduce wear on wheels and rails by up to 80 %, significantly extend time in situ and thus reduce maintenance costs. In addition, noise emissions for residents can be lowered by up to 20 db and there is no need for complex construction projects or a power supply.

Installation takes place without the need to drill a hole in the rail.


  • Intelligent control configurable via Bluetooth and webserver
  • Extension of rail service life (up to 5 times longer)
  • Noise reduction by up to 20 dB
  • Reduction of wheel and rail wear by up to 80%
  • Reduction of maintenance costs
  • Increase in travel comfort
  • Reduced risk of derailment

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