Efficient rail web drilling of flat bottom and grooved rails

The Rail Drill RD 330 P enables quick and precise drilling of the rail web.

The RD 330 P is driven by a powerful petrol engine, is state of the art and allows short drilling times. The machine is also one of the lightest of its kind available on the market and through its perfect center of gravity it is easy to handle. A precise drilling of hole diameters in the range of 6 to 40 mm is possible. The extensive range of accessories enables excellent flexibility.


  • Optimal process times through quick machining of the rail and quick clamping device
  • High ergonomics and one-man operation due to the very low machine weight and ideal center of gravity
  • Extensive range of accesories
  • High quality drill bits allows up to 35 drilled holes
  • Easy handling and transport due to the light weight of the machine

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