The modern and smart way to drill rails

The battery-driven rail drill makes it possible to drill rails with zero emission and without fuel.

The extremly low noise and vibration emission as well as a battery which makes over 100 drill holes possible per cycle make the RD 330 B one of the best machines available on the market. Enhanced ergonomics are achieved due to its unique design with separated battery (as backpack).

© Agentur Format78 GmbH

© Agentur Format78 GmbH

© Agentur Format78 GmbH


  • Highly flexible on the construction site, battery operation enables self-sufficient work
  • Can be used in tunnels and the underground as no emissions are caused
  • Can be used during night shifts in towns thanks to a very low level of noise emission
  • Easy handling and transport thanks to the low weight of the machine
  • Low load on the operator due to extremely low hand-arm vibrations and noise emissions

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