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As a pioneer in the field of digitalization Goldschmidt works on the comprehensive networking of devices, machines, road-rail vehicles and track construction sites to enable greater quality, safety, transparency and effciency with the construction and maintenance of modern railway networks.



Visionary ideas need powerful solutions

Our database solution Dari® – Data acquisition for rail infrastructure – enables us to make our products smarter, more effective and sustainable. Goldschmidt has therefore taken the next logical step and combines a collection of modern, high performance stand-alone solutions into a digital network consisting of intelligent products.

This innovative edge, based on the future-oriented technology of Dari®, is the special and unique added value offered by our Goldschmidt products. Experience new dimensions at the track construction site. With Dari® by Goldschmidt.

Dari® by Goldschmidt


The digitalization strategy of Goldschmidt has created completely new standards for quality, reliability, transparency and efficiency in the construction and maintenance of modern railways. Tool and process data of welds, measurements and tools and machines is saved by the Goldschmidt Digital App to enable continuous monitoring and improvement. The next logical step is to create a global digital network including intelligent machines, tools and rail vehicles where the collected data flows together in real-time for the purpose of documentation and analysis and is then archived.


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This was how the vision of Dari® was created. This new transparency enables completely new possibilities to improve work efficiency. The system allows the automated preparation of all tools, machines, personnel or operating process data allowing immediate predictions and automatic processes to be triggered. You can improve your controlling and increase efficiency and safety and decide on the implementation level of Dari® according to your requirements. With Goldschmidt, the pioneer of the digital track construction site, you always have the right partner at your side.


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