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When it comes to excellent joining of almost all types of rails, welding processes with Original Thermit® and insulated rail joints from Goldschmidt are also state-of-the-art in Australia and Southeast Asia. Thermit Australia is the expert for the application of these and many other Goldschmidt technologies according to the special regional requirements of the markets.

In 1952 the Humes Limited – Thermit Division was formed and acquired the Australian rights for the manufacturing and marketing of Thermit® welding equipment and consumables from R. Granowski who had obtained the original Australian licence from Elektro-Thermit GmbH of Germany. In the mid 1980’s Elektro-Thermit GmbH acquired the company from Humes Limited and Thermit Australia Pty Ltd was established in 1986. Thermit Australia has stood for aluminothermic welding, insulated rail joints and equipment in Australia, New Zealand for more than 60 years, and increasingly in Southeast Asia since the early 1990s. Since its foundation, Thermit Australia has acquired a great deal of knowledge of the respective national and local peculiarities and lives this competence as a reliable partner for rail infrastructure projects in the region.

What began in the middle of the last century with the supply of consumables for aluminothermic welding has developed into a comprehensive, constantly growing portfolio. Thermit Australia offers, among other things, glued insulated rail joints, welder training and special welding services such as welding of crane rails, equipment, grinding solutions as well as measuring and testing solutions. The company’s own Original Thermit® production facility is located in Somersby on the New South Wales Central Coast.

Strengthened by the expertise and knowledge of the global Goldschmidt Group Thermit Australia provides access to the entire Goldschmidt portfolio – adapted to the national requirements and needs of customers. Thermit Australia is the point of contact for transport companies and network operators in the entire region when it comes to modernizing and maintaining railways.

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Global Goldschmidt solutions implemented nationally

Thermit Australia serves customers in Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia and is a specialist in rail joining with Original Thermit® and insulated rail joints.

As a partner in the region and with the knowledge of the respective regional features, Thermit Australia offers its customers the comprehensive competencies, technologies, products and services of the global Goldschmidt network.

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