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In resent years, the second largest high-speed network in the world has been created in Spain. All 47 provincial capitals on the Iberian Peninsula will soon be connected to the star-shaped AVE network. Goldschmidt Ibérica as part of the global network of experts offers sustainable technologies and processes for long-lasting and reliable rail networks.

Spanish high-speed trains connect the metropolises of Barcelona and Madrid in less than three hours offering a climate-friendly and attractive alternative to domestic air travel on the 600 km route. An essential prerequisite for the success of rail transport is the condition of the rail infrastructure. Only modern and perfectly maintained rail networks can withstand the demands of speed, weight and climate. In Spain, continuously welded track using the Original Thermit® welding process has proven to be the best solution. Goldschmidt Ibérica from Madrid supplies consumables, tools and machines, equipment for the welding process, and also offers magnetic barriers for the safety of the workers. The range of services is supplemented by intelligent measuring, testing and grinding solutions, some of which are digitally networked with the end device and database to pave the way for the future of durable, reliable and efficient railway track systems. Goldschmidt Ibérica offers comprehensive training for high-precision measuring devices. The company is an official contract partner of the Spanish state-owned Administrator of Railway Infrastructure (ADIF) for the manual grinding of the track and switches of high-speed lines and also for the most important tramways in cities such as Zaragoza, Sevilla, Tenerife, and Murcia including some metro networks in Madrid, Barcelona, Málaga, and Sevilla, etc.

We are Goldschmidt. As part of the global network of experts, Goldschmidt Ibérica makes the entire range of products, services and expertise available for railway projects in Spain and Portugal. For this purpose, local solutions are developed in a trusting cooperation in order to meet the respective approval and certification criteria. This is why in the course of the modernization, maintenance and repair of the Iberian rail network when connecting rails, welding, grinding, measuring and testing and many other tasks there is a growing demand for the worldwide consistently high quality of the products and services of Goldschmidt.

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Spain continues to expand

There are many projects on the Atlantic and Mediterranean corridor, with important routes to be completed in 2023

Spain has built an efficient high-speed network in recent years. The line, which is longer than 3,300 km is now to be further expanded, but it should also have a long service life and enable economical, trouble-free operation. Goldschmidt Ibérica demonstrates its skills and knowledge and as part of the global Goldschmidt expert network develops customized solutions for safe, high-quality and sustainable transport links.

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