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High speeds with excellent reliability

Japanese high-speed trains are considered the safest and most reliable in the world. This first-class rail performance is made possible by rail networks which are well maintained and durable.

Travel speeds of up to 330 km/h result in a high mechanical load on the track. There are also requirements for safety, travel comfort and reliability. To ensure that rail traffic can run smoothly every day, in addition to continuously welded tracks using the Original Thermit® welding process, a number of other areas of Goldschmidt expertise are required. This is why Goldschmidt-Thermit Japan has provided support at a local level for many years and is closely involved in the modernization and maintenance of the constantly growing high-speed network and many other main line and municipal rail networks. Goldschmidt-Thermit Japan, based in Tokyo, draws on the entire expertise of the international Goldschmidt Group to develop individual solutions for the Japanese market and its customers. Goldschmidt-Thermit Japan supplies its national partners with tools and machines, road-rail vehicles and high‑precision Goldschmidt measuring and testing solutions.



Goldschmidt in Japan: rail networks at their best

The Goldschmidt Original Thermit® welding process with high-quality consumables Made in Germany has been used in the Japanese rail network since 1909. Goldschmidt-Thermit Japan is committed to advancing rail-bound mobility with intelligent solutions.

Goldschmidt-Thermit Japan offers specialized solutions for Japanese rail infrastructure projects based on international expertise combined with many years of experience. Goldschmidt-Thermit Japan as a reliable partner makes an important contribution to the modernization and maintenance of the Japanese rail network. In addition to welding materials, the Japanese Goldschmidt company offers ergonomic devices, road‑rail vehicles, highly sophisticated measuring and testing devices and innovative digital technologies for the modern construction of railway track, and inspection and maintenance of the track infrastructure.


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