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Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg are among the smaller, but also among the most densely populated countries in Europe. This results in the highest demands for rail transport. Large quantities of goods and many passengers are transported on relatively short routes. With the well-designed products, services and innovative technologies of Goldschmidt, the railways are ideally equipped for this.

The first comprehensive, structured rail network in Europe was created in Belgium. Together with the Netherlands, Europe was shown how intelligent use can be made of the network with high frequencies and short cycle times. But at the same time it is extremely difficult to ensure the durability and economy of the rail infrastructure with its frequent load peaks, and to modernize, maintain and repair the infrastructure.

When it comes to highly developed, automated rail traffic, only high quality and long-term solutions come into question. Continuously welded tracks using our Original Thermit® welding process offer more safety and travel comfort and are also more economical than other alternatives. Stand-alone and integrated measuring and testing solutions, excellently‑equipped road-rail vehicles, precise grinding technology, user-friendly tools and machines and many other Goldschmidt products and services, some with digital interfaces and database networking, are closely interlinked and maintain tracks in good condition.

Requirements and standards with regard to efficiency and the environment are particularly important. This includes, for example, protection against noise and emissions. In order to master these challenges together on site, Goldschmidt relies on customer proximity and individual support. Since 2018 Goldschmidt Benelux works together with local partners to offer rail operators and transport companies the comprehensive range of innovative Goldschmidt products and services. Globally proven Goldschmidt solutions are modified to match the individual requirements of each country and make every rail infrastructure fit for the future.


Railway transport highly rated

In the Benelux countries, the railway infrastructure is being expanded and prepared for the future in order to meet higher environmental requirements and at the same time function more efficiently and economically.

Goldschmidt, one of the leading international full-service providers for “Mobility with vision” has been represented in the Benelux countries since 2018. In close cooperation with local rail operators, transport companies, and private companies, innovative products and services are used to develop future-oriented solutions for the rail transportation of tomorrow in the Benelux. Everything made by Goldschmidt.

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